Registry First Aid
After a number of software installations and un-installations, the registry becomes full of nagging file references pointing to where the files used to reside but no longer exist. Registry First Aid will find any files and folders that may have been moved on your hard drive and help you correct the registry entries that point to them.

Registry First Aid scans the registry for orphan file/folder references, invalid font references, obsolete Start Menu items, invalid fonts, shared DLLs, application paths and more...

Version 9.3.0 (Download)

    New in version 9.3.0
  • + improvements in checking scanned registry keys for exclusions;
  • * smart "Add Excluded Registry Key" dialog: detect root key and cut it from path, replace with it any root key chosen from dialog;
  • + count scanned keys/dirs and show the number on statusbar - it helps to see if the program still working while the progressbar is not moving;
  • + verify modified registry keys and detect those that were not corrected, option to save them in a text file;
  • + Restore From .Reg Backup Files: expand contents of .reg files to second level;
  • + Restore From .Reg Backup Files: now it is possible to switch view between "plain" and "full" tree view;
  • + Restore From .Reg Backup Files: show selected key path in status bar;
  • + Restore From .Reg Backup Files: new pop-up menu commands: "View as full tree"; "Copy key path to clipboard";
  • - bug: incorrect string length was shown in entries with invalid data size;
  • - bug: it was possible to make filter dialog completely invisible using transparent value option;
  • - bug: it was possible to ocassionally hide the "backup" panel by moving splitter to the bottom;
  • - bug: the "results" panel may be hidden if the "backup" panel is at max height and the program window is resized to min;
    New in version 9.2.0
  • + Windows 8.1 compatibility;
  • + RFA Registry Search: replace function is added: option to replace found strings with user entered values;
  • + "create_bugreport.bat" file is added into the program folder to simplify manual bug-report creation;
  • * some language updates;
  • * default value of "Show Scanned Path in Status Bar" is changed to OFF - this increases disk scan speed on SSD drives;
  • * Full Backup Restore screen: synchronize setting check marks with backup selection;
  • * do not add icon to Start Menu group folder;
  • + Filter dialog now have option to change it's transparency;
  • + command line parameter "/fullscreen" to open the program at full screen;
  • + restore maximized/normal window state on starting;
  • * on first error appearance show a message to reproduce the error in order to create a full bug-report, on next exception show "open bug-report?" dialog;
  • * Registry Snapshots: avoid errors on clicking buttons when saving long undo/redo .reg files;
  • + error handling for loading/saving colors from settings; no error on loading colors from read-only files;
  • - bug with casual deleting registration information from settings if it was entered on a first program start;
    New in version 9.1.0
  • + support of Windows 2008;
  • * do not show help message if automatic scan was started;
  • * language files were updated;
  • * create restore point only once per day, not in every session run;
  • + show total size of registry hives available for Full Backup;
  • - bugfix: last full backup date was not loaded and cleared on exit if the program started with parameter "/autoscan";
  • - bugfix: incorrect sorting registry hives to defragment by clicking on column caption;
  • - bugfix: size of total registry bytes saved from last defragment was not remembered;
    New in version 9.0.0
  • + many interface changes;
  • + Windows 8 compatibility;
  • + new error category "Invalid Uninstall records";
  • * registry scan is now much faster;
  • + some basic adaptation to touchscreens;
  • + support of multi-monitor configurations;
  • * fast "open in RegEdit" functions;
  • + close filter and legend forms on Escape key press;
  • + new "Item Menu" button near the "Filter" button to access mouse pop-up menu items on touchscreens;
  • * button caption changed from "Back" to "Reset Results" after registry search to avoid confusion;
  • + show paths to scan for corrections before registry scan, show "Configure" button to open the Settings dialog;
  • + Registry Manage: refresh the lists on F5 key press;
  • + Registry Compress: show summary sizes of used and saved registry files;
  • - Advanced Settings: color example interface errors are fixed;
  • + Advanced Settings: option to hide statistics at the Home screen is added;
  • + Advanced Settings: multiselection is added to the excluded strings, paths to scan for corrections and excluded paths lists;
  • * help file is updated;
  • * home screen adoptations for displays with large fonts;
  • * setup: ask to delete settings and user exclusions on uninstall;
  • - bugfix: full backup creation could not be canceled;
  • + some language files updated;
  • - known bugs are fixed;

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